On this page you will find some of my game design work

Below is a power point presentation of the first game design project I attempted.

Slide Show:  Defend the Gate Diary

One project I worked on for myself is “Fred the Bug Man”.  This is intended to be a first or third person shooter aimed at a younger audience.  Below you will find some documents that I have done for this game.

Document  Back story for a game concept of “Fred the Bug Man”

Document The HUD (Heads Up Display) of “Fred the Bug Man”

Document  Game Design Document section outlining the economy of “Fred the Bug Man”

Below are some documents from a board game that I worked on as a lead designer.  Below are the documents that showcase the rules, setup, cards, and player tokens.  These are parts that I designed myself.

DocumentTerritory and Tower Defense Board Game

DocumentCard deck text for board game

One of my favorite game designs that I have worked on to date is “Meaty Fates”, a game based on the “Bolognius Maximus” episode of “Invader Zim”.  Below you will find some concept work I did for the game design, as well as a power point presentation explaining the combat mechanics which I designed for this game.

Slide Show:  Meaty Fates

Concept art in order of appearance: 1) Boss fight with Ms. Bitters, the player must rescue Dib and Zim.  2) The weapons used by Gaz in the game.  3,4,&5) The weapons used by Gir in the game.

Boss Bitters  Gaz Weapons


gir wrench  gir pigs  gir waffles


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