On this page you will find some of the level design work I have done.


First I have the first level I did in UDK after having worked in it for less than a month.  In this level all the assets, that are not native to UDK, were made by me in Hexagon 2.0 with the exception of the aircraft carrier.  The carrier was downloaded and used as a royalty free asset from Turbosquid.com.  My level is a mock up of the the USS Georgia Submarine.  The level can be viewed on my youtube channel page (go to link section), or you can download the playable level using the link below.

USS Georgia Level:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16150953/WaldropHoward_FinalProject_Executable.zip

Mock up and a little instruction for the USS Georgia level

Submarine_Map    Submarine_Document

Next, we have a level that was a team project.

What I worked on:

I designed the overall level layout.

I designed the cemetery area outside the castle

The swinging blades trap

The lava room under the castle (I also created the lava texture itself).

I directed and animated the lava room encounter sequences.

Castle Level:  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16150953/UDKInstall-TeamIce_W2_A.exe

Some Screen shots, and the mock up, of this level can be seen below:

Mockup_Above_Ground   Mockup_Below_Ground

SC1   SC2

SC6   SC5

SC4   SC3

Last, but not least is a mock up level I created for Far Cry 2.  Below is the level map itself with the Game Design Document that outlines the mission.

Level Mock up   Level Mock up Literature


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