Here are some examples of Unrealscript that I have done for various projects.


Video of project “Make a toy”

Video Icon

The codes below were used to “make a toy” game level:  



kismet module that allows character mesh changes on the fly:

class SeqAct_ChangePlayerMesh extends SequenceAction;

var() SkeletalMesh newMesh;
var MaterialInterface defaultMaterial0;
var() AnimTree newAnimTree;
var() array<AnimSet> newAnimSet;
var() PhysicsAsset newPhysicsAsset;

event Activated()
local int i;
local UTPlayerController PC;
PC = UTPlayerController(GetWorldInfo().GetALocalPlayerController());


for (i = 0; i < PC.Pawn.Mesh.SkeletalMesh.Materials.length; i++)
PC.Pawn.Mesh.SetMaterial( i, defaultMaterial0 );


ObjCategory=”Actor Custom”

Below is a screen shot using the code examples on this page, along with a few others that I have created.

kismet example

Kismet Module for on the fly jump height and speed changes:

// Kismet node to quickly modify target’s speed and jump height
class ModifySpeedHeight extends SequenceAction;

///Variables for speed and hight
var () float PlayerSpeed;
var () float PLayerJump;

//Activate event
event Activated()

//Temporary place holders
local SeqVar_Object HJObj;

local UTPawn HJ;

//Calls Object value and applies to target
foreach LinkedVariables(class’SeqVar_Object’, HJObj, “Target”)


//Sets new target speed
HJ = UTPawn( HJObj.GetObjectValue() );

HJ.GroundSpeed = PlayerSpeed;
//Sets new target jump height
HJ = UTPawn( HJObj.GetObjectValue() );

HJ.JumpZ = PLayerJump;



ObjName=”Modify Speed and Height” //Name of kismet node
ObjCategory=”Actor Custom” //Location of kismet node


//Variable inputs located on the bottom of the node
VariableLinks(1)=(ExpectedType=class’SeqVar_Float’, LinkDesc=”Speed”, PropertyName=PlayerSpeed)

VariableLinks(2)=(ExpectedType=class’SeqVar_Float’, LinkDesc=”Jump Height”, PropertyName=PLayerJump)

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